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about us

One spirit, one team, one win

Our Background

History of IEEE

IEEE's roots go back to 1884 when electricity began to become a major influence in society. There was one major established electrical industry, the telegraph, which since the 1840s had come to connect the world with a data communications system faster than the speed of transportation. The telephone and electric power and light industries had just gotten underway.

IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch

IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch is a basic operating organizational unit of IEEE constituted by students and graduated students of ENSIAS. The ENSIAS’s Student Branch members are gathered in order to begin networking in their areas of interest, work on real projects, benefit from career development tools and develop critical skills outside of the classroom, along with organising events and participate in competitions.

The IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch was founded in 2013 by our counselor "Prof. Mohamed Essaaidi", Past Dean of ENSIAS, Founder & Past Chair of the IEEE Morocco Section.

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