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IEEE Day 2020

IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch celebrated the 11th anniversary of IEEE Day, a memorial day held annually keeping the legacy of the first time in history IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. Our Student Branch celebrated the IEEE DAY by organizing a virtual conference under the theme "Augmented and Virtual Reality" animated by Kawtar CHOUBARI, chair of IEEE ENSIAS SB and Chaimae HIMANE, Media Committee lead, bringing together bright minds and experts to discuss a technology that will define the next decade. We started our ceremony by displaying the huge importance of IEEE Day on the IEEE community with our honorable guests : Prof. Mohamed ESSAAIDI, Branch, Past Dean of ENSIAS, Founder & Past IEEE Morocco Section Chair, and Prof. Mustapha BENJILLALI, IEEE Senior Member and the Vice Chair of the IEEE Morocco Section. Our Keynote speakers shared their ideas on how to "leverage technology for a better tomorrow" by displaying the huge contributions AR and VR have to offer. Our event was very successful and got many positive feedbacks from worldwide experts in the field.

Planning & Feedbacks & Watch the event on youtube

Keynote Speakers:

  • Zakaria Jaiathe
  • Mohamed Jean Philippe Sangaré
  • Assaf Reeb
  • Alina Kadlubsky
  • Shiva Mohseni
  • Kavya Pearlman
  • IEEE Day 2019

    The IEEE Day 2019 celebration at ENSIAS was successfully held on October 1st, 2019. Thank you to all that attended the event and participated in the festivities! The purpose of IEEE Day is to celebrate the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. This year also marked the 10th year celebrating this event! The evening consisted of keynote speeches held by our IEEE Senior Members and Professors including Pr. Kobbane, and Pr. Dalli. Afterwards, a break coffee and networking activity with prizes followed the presentations.

    Planning & Conferences

    Keynote Speakers:

  • Pr. Abdellatif KOBBANE
  • Pr. Anouar DALLI
  • IEEE Day 2018

    IIEEE Day is an event of global reputation, on this day specifically volunteerism for promoting science and technology for the benefit of humanity is being celebrated by numerous volunteers associated with IEEE round the globe. The day in itself is of such immense value because back in 1884 scientists and engineers of that time sat together to share ideas and plot out the methods for the promotion of science and technology through which human race could make most of. IEEE Day is being celebrated in every corner of the world passionately with courage to volunteer for promotion of science. This year as well following the tradition IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch holds the privilege to celebrate this purposeful day with high aims and objectives.

    Keynote Speakers:

  • Pr. Mohammed EL KOUTBI
  • M. Issam El Alaoui
  • Pr. Ahmed Azough
  • IEEE Day 2017

    Worldwide celebrations demonstrate the ways thousands of IEEE members in local communities join together to collaborate on ideas that leverage technology for a better tomorrow. Thank you to all that attended the event and participated in the festivities! This year’s theme was “Data Engineering applications in bioinformatics”.

    Full Program 

    Keynote Speakers:

  • Pr. Mohammed ESSAAIDI
  • Pr. Abdellatif KOBBANE
  • Pr. Imade BENELALLAM
  • Pr. Ahmed MOUSSA
  • Pr. Azeddine IBRAHIMI