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Arab IoT & AI Challenge - Morocco

Arab IoT & AI Challenge is a regional capacity-building and pre-incubation program for High School Students, Senior University Students and Startups that have innovative ideas in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields. This year, IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch will host the Morocco qualifications.

The challenge is not just a competition; it’s a digital transformation movement. We aim at building qualified Arab calibers in the technical fields, that’s why the program delivers training and workshops to the participants and provides them with all the needed support. After the training, participants compete in the local finals, then winners from each country get qualified to the regional finals that take place within the activities of the IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things(GCAIoT) in Dubai in December every year.

We are not just organizing the challenge, we provide the Arab youth with knowledge and insights about the tech industry, that’s happening through our “Arab IoT & AI Knowledge Hub”. It’s a section under the Arab IoT & AI Challenge where we offer the Arab IoT & AI community online workshops, panel discussions, interviews and other online visual content to help them start their career in these fields, learn more about expected career paths and different titles, useful resources and tools, learn about success stories of Arab developers working in giant tech companies and how to follow their steps...


Morocco IoT & AI Challenge is a capacity building and pre-incubation program for senior university students, high school students, and startups that have innovative ideas in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related fields.

The Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence are the next evolution that will dramatically change the existing industries. Corporates and big technology providers, as well as governments, will put significant efforts into developing solutions for their customers which will allow them to get developed and improve their skills and capabilities.

Graduations Projects : senior university students of related schools who are willing to complete their graduation projects in the fields of IoT and AI.
Startups : tech startups that are already working, or willing to work, in the fields of IoT and AI.
Schools : high school students in STEM schools across the Arab countries.

-Network with top-notch investors in the MENA region.
-Receive support from the mentors network and ecosystem of the organizers, partners and sponsors.
-Access to the resources, technology and business know-how.
-Winners in the local challenge are qualified to the regional challenge, to compete in the Arab IoT & AI Challenge finals held within the activities of IEEE Global Conference on AI & IoT.
All For Free !

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