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Meetup JavaScript Technologies in collaboration with Rabat.js - 2020

On 12 April 2020, we organized an online Talk about JavaScript Technologies presented by Mr. Chihab Otmani. We would like to thank our ENSIAS students for their attendance and also Chihab for his time to answer all students questions that came to a head and for clarifying ideas about the future of this language, its frameworks and other topics that we've come across.

Git Workshop in collaboration with Digimind - 2020

On Wednsday 11 March 2020 , the IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch organized its first workshop of the GIT series. Our ENSIAS students had the chance to deepen their knowledge and dive into Git through the unique and dynamic workshop provided by Mr. Fai├žal BAKI.

Chatbots Workshop in collaboration with IBM - 2019

On 20 September 2019 , the IEEE ENSIAS Student Branch organized its first workshop about building Chatbots with IBM Watson. A great thanks to Wissal Laassilia for the precious information she shared with us during the workshop.